Aparat provides various features to let millions of people not only watch, discover, and share original videos content, but enjoy the huge repository of user generated content. The available features of Aparat have made it the most reliable video sharing platform for both individuals and enterprise users.

Aparat is an Iranian video sharing service which began tentatively on February 2011, and officially, two months later on April 13, 2011.Aparat, as well as Cloob and Mihanblog websites, have been launched by Saba Idea Tech Company (Saba Idea) and are managed by Mohammad Javad Shakouri Moghhadam. For easier access to shared videos, this website organized them under various categories such as: personal, nature, educational, entertainment, etc. so that access to the considered videos can be made easier. Aparat was selected by experts in 2013 at Iran Web Festival in online multimedia sector and also selected as the best film website in 2011.

Video Features


The video files in Aparat are accessible to all users so they can watch the video content of this service without having to subscribe first. However, some videos posted on Aparat are not accessible to the public and payment is required. Whether the loaded video is accessible to the public or only to users who have paid, is decided by the user that uploads the content.[15] The videos in Aparat are applicable on the browser by Adobe Flash Player Software and in order to watch the Aparat videos, users must install this software on their browsers first.


In order to upload videos in Aparat, users must first become a member. After subscribing to the service, users can upload videos in different formats, among which mpeg, 3gp, webm, mkv, avi and mp4 can be named. Uploading and watching videos with HD quality is also made possible for the users. To upload videos in Aparat, there is a size limit of 1500 MB and in order to upload videos larger than 1500 MB, users must have an “approved account”.

Aparat is one of the most popular Iranian sites on video sharing and there are thousands of videos in various fields. From now on, you can access all the features of this site through the user application provided for Android devices, and its films Watch online or upload videos to it. From now on, you can easily access videos from the popular Aparat’s site, with the help of this application, which has all the capabilities of the site, you can watch popular videos, watch them Depending on the amount of interest, or in the form The desire to share with others Gzasht.hmchnyn to download and save videos directly within the app. This compact handset provides a good offer for fans of the popular video site.

Features of the Aparat app for Android:

  • Ability to view the details of each video (other views about it, volume, videos of the same topic)

-Ability to download and save favorite videos on mobile phones with MP4 format

-To be able to watch movies in the full screen view

  • Ability to search videos by tag (tag)
  • Ability to search and watch various videos

-Should share video with others

-Videos of popular videos

  • View channel members

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