Snapfood is one of the first online and online feed and requesting systems designed for Android and iOS devices for free and helps customers order their favorite restaurants around the world.

With Snapfood, you can watch the restaurant menu and see a picture of the food and the price list, then make an order, and enjoy an online food purchase. The process of applying for food is fast and done in Get your food at your door and enjoy free shipping up to 2,000 tomans and pay for your food through the online payment system.

With the help of search filters, you will be able to find the list of the best restaurants and foods, and with the online support team you will not have to worry about delays in getting food.

Features of SnappFood Android app:

  • The price is exactly the same as the restaurant menu and soon

-Price and pre-order food for the next day

-Delivery and timely delivery of food

  • Simple and easy search using filters
    -Support online and instantaneously
  • Free food up to 2 thousand USD
    -Customer online payment and credit

Hungry? Try the Snappfood mobile app: find the best restaurants around you, order your favorite meal and get it delivered to your door

Why should you try Snappfood?
– the perfect selection of restaurants, with a wide variety of prices and choices
– updated menus with pictures and reviews from verified users
– live tracking of the order to know exactly when your food will arrive
– payment by cash, online or credit wallet
– pre-ordering
– daily deals

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>> SnappFood

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