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With the advent of instant messengers in the virtual world, everyday users move to apps like Instagram. Instagram app also unveils some of its new features in new releases, which, if you are fans, need to share some golden points. Get to know your videos and stay with us on this post.

As you know, in versions of the ability to upload videos on Instagram from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, this is due to the Internet situation in our country is slightly at the expense of compatriot users. Because for higher speeds we need to use bulk packages, so we need to be more careful about the amount of data we use.

Since the app has been working poorly in the download management area, so that we can not prevent automated downloading of movies and photos like a telegram, so we need to be aware of a few tips when working with this app, which is familiar here with a few things.

Change in Instagram settings:

Instagram download One of the measures to reduce data usage is to use the program’s settings to stop using more internet volume, but this does not mean stop downloading Instagram videos and images, but can be somewhat save on volume consumption. First enter the program and select Cellular Data Use in the Settings section.

Now use the Use Less Data option. This will not allow downloading of images or videos, but will reduce their loading speed.

Reduce Unnecessary Fluorescence:

Instagram android If you’ve been a member of this app for a long time, now you have information about the people you follow, for example, you know which one of them posts more than others in your posts, you can remove him from the list of followers or get an inflammation. . You can now log in to your list of flavors and append them so that they do not download to you when they share the movie.

To do this, you can also click on the menu item.

Choose any one you do not want to be in your list.

In the answer to the question, go to the Unfollow option.

Limit visible posts:

If you go to the Home or Home screen after running the app and watch all the new posts there, all of the movies shared by your Falling will start downloading automatically, and each one is a movie. The minute it’s been uploaded, there’s surely going to be huge volumes that, given that most external users will post high-quality posts in HD, this will be more. To prevent this from happening, all we can do is enter Do not hit the Home screen, but hit the magnifying glass and wait for the following:


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