Telegram X

Telegram X is a new trailer maker of the popular Instant Messenger maker, which has been featured by the Telegram LLC for Android devices, and has won 4.4 out of 5 Google Playlines. Fast and secure messaging that uses the main telegram API and can be used to connect with other friends and family members.

With the help of this Messenger, you can create groups with more than hundreds of members and send audio and video messages, upload files and documents with high volumes. The existence of secret chats, diverse themes, and functional features that can be used in this release. There is also a special category for shared files in each group or channel, and all of them are visible in groups such as images, videos, documents, links, and so on.

This program is similar to the original version, with the difference that some of its features and menus have been modified and included in the cool features. High speed, attractive animation and stylish design are among the features. If you are looking for an alternative with more features than Telegram, Telegram X will be a good idea for you to get the latest version from Android.

Features of the Android Telegram X:
New styling design and user-friendly appearance
Categorize chats and voice calls with the new menu
Possibility to separate files uploaded to chat
Categorize files in groups such as images, video, documents
Use of unlimited cloud space and permanent access to information
Professional and powerful cryptography to enhance the privacy of messages
Possibility to send (forward) messages and media immediately after receiving
Very little use of Internet bandwidth and even poor Internet connectivity
Completely free and without ads with all the features and capabilities.

>> دانلود تلگرام ایکس

>> دانلود telegram x

>> تلگرام ایکس

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